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Jalgrattad / Bicycles & HPV

Rattarikkaks & roostecamo

Raul @ 02.07.2009 10:12 | Registreerunud: 01.04.2003

Eesti Rattarikkaks algatus on loodud eesmärgiga innustada linnaelanikke kasutama jalgratast igapäevase liiklusvahendina. Liigelda saab autoga, jalgsi või ühistranspordiga, kuid eriti mugav on teha oma linna piiresse jäävaid käike jalgrattaga. Rattaga sõites ei pea muretsema liiklusummikute ega kallite parkimispiletite pärast - rattaga on lihtsam!

+ varastevastane roostecamo


Raul @ 07.07.2009 17:54 | Registreerunud: 01.04.2003

Tensegrity bike

Raul @ 08.07.2009 19:07 | Registreerunud: 01.04.2003

Siin samas teemas juba varem vilksanud Flavio Deslandes oma bambusratastega tegi juba 1996-98 valmis tensegrity jalgratta bambusest prototüübi. Ionut Predescu on nüüd sellest disaininud kaasaegsema variandi.

Odd Bicycle Made from Bed

Raul @ 11.07.2009 10:32 | Registreerunud: 01.04.2003

In January 1938, a newspaper came up with the following: 'An English comedian recently entertained crowds at a cycling meet by riding the odd bicycle shown above. The frame of the curious wheel was made from the head of an old iron bed, to which old bicycle parts were added.'

Modern mechanix

... seal Modern mechanixi blogis on veel igast asju - Jalgrataste rubriik

Urmet @ 28.07.2009 14:19 | Registreerunud: 17.04.2003


Promm @ 05.08.2009 14:50 | Registreerunud: 01.04.2003

Paljud hädaldavad et jalgrattakiiver on kole ja ebatrendikas jne.
Üks võimalik alternatiiv on mütsiks maskeeritud kiiver.
Taanis tehakse, Eestis muidugi ei müüda.
Seal pakutakse ainult 4 varianti aga põhimõtselt oleks võimalik ka ise midagi kokku traageldada.
Suvel sellega vist ei sõidaks.


Puust jalgrattad

Raul @ 13.08.2009 23:41 | Registreerunud: 01.04.2003

Viimasel ajal on webis järjest enam puidust jalgrattaid näha olnud.

Renovo rattad on sigalahedad aga päris kallid.
Why Wood?
1) Lightweight; a frame weighs from 3.5 to 4.5 pounds(1nael= ca0,45kg)--bikes, 16.5 to 20 pounds.
2) A magically smooth ride thanks to wood's unique ability to absorb vibration--you feel the difference immediately.
3) Stiffness to order: from carbon-stiff hickory and others, to the supple smoothness of laminated bamboo; you can tailor the stiffness and ride to what you want, not just what comes off a production line.
4) The hardwood frame is remarkably tough. It easily withstands impacts that ruin butted metal or carbon frames.
5) The fatigue life of wood rivals carbon and is substantially longer than aluminum or steel. The Renovo is an heirloom quality frame.
6) The Renovo frame is environmentally friendly, with sustainable woods, bamboo and low VOC waterborne sealers and finishes.


berlin designer arndt menke- zumbragel is the creator of this unique bicycle made using wood.
the project began by investigating the use of wood as a construction material, paying close
attention to its particular considerations. the result is a fully functional bike with a frame weight of
2.3 kg
. with some special metal parts and carefully constructed wood pieces, arndt has created
a bike that blends new and old together into one unique package. make sure to check out the
bent wood detail on the rear support.
via Designboom

Kevin Cyr Camper bike

Raul @ 17.08.2009 20:44 | Registreerunud: 01.04.2003

... tegemist on kunstiprojektiga, aga päris praktiline tundub see sellegipoolest.

Camper Bike, a functioning sculptural piece, built in April 2008. A stand alone piece and the subject of a series of paintings.

by Kevin Cyr


Raul @ 26.08.2009 12:05 | Registreerunud: 01.04.2003

Siuke värk - 42 Bromptoni kokkupandavat jalgratast mahub siis 1le auto parkimiskohale.

ikka Designboom

Promm @ 04.09.2009 15:16 | Registreerunud: 01.04.2003

Täiesti olemas.
See on mingi suvaline spämmipilt, igatahes seesama ei tundu olema, mis seal kunstiprojektis.

DIY Bamboo bicycle trailer

Raul @ 14.09.2009 11:59 | Registreerunud: 01.04.2003

Ehita endale ise jalgrattahaagis - Eesti tingimustes peaks näit. kuiv kuuselatt edukalt bambust asendama. Vana rattahaagiste tootja Carry Freedom on süsteemid sinu eest läbi mõelnud ja pakub tasuta jooniseid ;)

The problem - A bicycle trailer is a great way to carry things by bicycle, but many people simply cannot afford to buy a bicycle trailer like my Y-Frame. It is often the people with the least money who would benefit the most from a bicycle trailer.

A Solution - I designed the Bamboo Trailer to be easy to make from cheap materials, without too much skill or too many tools. Its easy to adapt the basic trailer to fit a wide range of cargo and materials.

Why - By making a trailer yourself you are taking control, what it can be is only limited by your imagination and enthusiasm. The value is not in the trailer itself, but in the knowledge of how to make a trailer. In a sense you will always have a bicycle trailer in your head if you ever need one. This knowledge makes you a richer person, and the world a richer place.

How - The first time you make a trailer will take 2-3 days as you gather materials, make mistakes, and learn. The next time you make one it will take about a day, and it will work much better.

But - Bamboo Trailers are generally less reliable, heavier and less efficient than a shop bought trailer, and if you put a price on your time they often work out more expensive.

via Carry Freedom


Promm @ 28.09.2009 16:52 | Registreerunud: 01.04.2003

Festivali Plektrum raames toimub paar jalgratta aktsiooni.
Kuni 4. oktoobrini saab lasta ennast m-positsioneerida, et oleks näha kus tegelikult rattaga sõitetakse ja 3. okt. toimub Vabaduse platsil ratturite suurkogunemine.


Step by step, side by side = Quike

Raul @ 08.10.2009 10:32 | Registreerunud: 01.04.2003

7 countries and 30+ cultures
12,000 km in 15 months
2 people on 1 Quike

Päris huvitav uus jalgrattakontseptsioon ja pikk matk uue tüübi testimiseks:

Our route will take us through a huge variety of environments and terrains; weaving our way through the Takla Makan desert, across many open and windswept steppes, and over 4000+ m passes. The high load capacity (and concomitant low gearing) of the Quike will allow us to travel long times and distances on terrain unsuitable for motor vehicles or ordinary bikes.

Due to the nature of this trip, Quikey has been built to carry loads up to 200 kg, as we are expecting to endure week-long stints without water or food access. A huge range of adaptable spare parts and repair gear will have to be carried on-board, thus making sure we are able to fix whatever problems we may encounter during our 12 month journey. The constantly changing terrain and weather means a large range of suitable clothing and hardware will also need to be carried, to allow us to adapt to whatever situations we may encounter.

Quikey will be unique in that it will have a removable protective shell enclosing it. Many other bike expeditions have encountered problems of frostbite and hypothermia due to being exposed to the elements whilst riding. Although we are not expecting a great aerodynamic advantage from our shell, it should provide us the shelter we need to avoid having to completely stop and set up a base camp, without risking hypothermia.

There are a few core characteristics of the Quike that make it the ideal vehicle for the Steppe by Steppe journey.

•Having four wheels means that you don't have to balance on those steep, rocky inclines. It also means we won't wipeout on slippery surfaces.
•The Rohloff and Schlumpf combination ensures that all our gearing is internal and protected from the elements, and we can switch to any gear instantaneously whilst stationary. Oh, and it also means a gear range of 1300%.
•Despite not being the first choice for remote cycling touring, BIG hydraulic brakes are a safety measure for our massive load.
•A Cro-moly frame will be easier to repair in remote areas, should the need arise
•We decided on 26" wheels as they are the most universal rim size (so we can find spares in Tajikistan), and we can get the best, toughest downhill tyres and rims in that size too.
•Placing the Rohloff at mid-drive means we aren't using it as a hub and can go super-strong, super-simple for our rear wheels. It also gives us better chain clearance.
•Although the cycle tourer generally tries to avoid this, the four-wheel arrangement gives us an unbelievable amount of luggage space (maybe not such a good idea!!).
•The recumbent seating position is oh-so cruisy.
•We chose to have the LH driver as steerer, since most countries we'll be visiting drive on the right side of the road.
Of course, making these selections does mean trade-offs and compromises in regard to vehicle weight, and possibly for doing remote repairs on the more specialised equipment (eg. Rohloff, Schlumpf, suspension forks, hydraulics) that is supposed to never fail...
Only time can tell whether we have made the right decisions...

Step by step, side by side


Raul @ 09.10.2009 21:24 | Registreerunud: 01.04.2003

Promm @ 10.10.2009 18:25 | Registreerunud: 01.04.2003

Vanalinnas ma olen siukest näind.
BBC-s oli ka artikkel et Inglismaal kipuvad joodikud sealt maha kukkuma.

Google Mapsi kaardistaja jalgrattal.

Urmet @ 27.10.2009 14:16 | Registreerunud: 17.04.2003

"...Google employee Arthur Poirier, on a camera-equiped tricycle, records images for Google's Street View Maps in Paris, Friday, Aug. 7, 2009. The U.S. company has hired two young cyclists to ride through gardens, historical sites and other pedestrian-only areas on the three-wheeler to take thousands of digital photos..."


Urmet @ 27.10.2009 14:20 | Registreerunud: 17.04.2003

...ja siis leidsin selle spämmiratta ka lõikena üles.

Victor M. Aleman ECO 07

Urmet @ 05.11.2009 14:23 | Registreerunud: 17.04.2003

Ehk rahvakeeli malemees-viki on loonud uudse kontseptsiooni kaasaskantavale jalgrattale. Mehhikost pärit industriaaldisaineri loomes on topelt kolmnurkadest koosnev raam jaotatud liikuvateks mooduliteks mis igaüks oleks kokkupandav väiksemaks jupiks, kokku käivad ka pedaalid, lenks ning rattad. Loomulikult ei oleks see mõeldav igapäevakseks jalgratta hoidmiseks kuid talvepuhkusele panemiseks või pikema maa taha saatmiseks piisav kompaktsus.

Härra koduleht.

How To Get Killed On A Bicycle

Raul @ 16.11.2009 17:05 | Registreerunud: 01.04.2003

Veidi statistikat jalgrattaõnnetuste kohta.

So what can one conclude from this? That in half of the broadsides and 30% of the accidents, cyclists are being jerks and riding against traffic or through red lights. That doesn't absolve the driver completely; defensive driving is about looking out for this kind of thing.

But that in 70% of the accidents and almost all of the fatalities, drivers are not checking their mirrors, not paying attention, not looking where they are going and ignoring the fact that they share the road with cyclists. In many of those they are just riding through them as if they don't even exist.

Cyclists are in the right 70% of the time, but in the end they always lose. They deserve better.


Promm @ 16.11.2009 17:48 | Registreerunud: 01.04.2003

Ülaltoodud pildi peal on rattur ju vastassuunavööndis. Mis ta seal teeb?

Raul @ 16.11.2009 18:00 | Registreerunud: 01.04.2003

See oli kõige ohtlikum situatsioon - järgige liikluseeskirju ja ärge kunagi nii sõitke!

... ei viitsid eelnevas postituses seda osa boldi panna ja alal joonida.

So what can one conclude from this? That in half of the broadsides and 30% of the accidents, cyclists are being jerks and riding against traffic or through red lights. That doesn't absolve the driver completely; defensive driving is about looking out for this kind of thing.

Promm @ 16.11.2009 18:33 | Registreerunud: 01.04.2003

Selliseid kes nii sõidavad, ei aita ükski jutt. Ja maapiirkondades aegajalt ikka mõni logistab mulle vastu samal teepoolel. Vanasti vist räägiti et nii olla turvalisem.
Ma olen Tallinna tänavatel ja Eesti teedel üle 30000 kildi sõitnud, ja pole liiklusohtlikus olukorras osalenud.

Kopenhageni jalgrattakultuur

Raul @ 15.12.2009 18:27 | Registreerunud: 01.04.2003

37% of People Commute by Bike!

... I must say that the more I learn about Copenhagen's bike infrastructure, the more impressed I am.

... soovitan Treehuggerist videot vaadata.

Puust jalgrattad

Raul @ 04.01.2010 19:59 | Registreerunud: 01.04.2003

Päris hulle aparaate on üks mees "just for fun" kokku pannud.
by Wood Bikes


Ida-Aafrika puurattad


Urmet @ 07.01.2010 15:42 | Registreerunud: 17.04.2003

Sarnaselt Camper Bike'iga kevincyr-ilt on teinud taolisi projekte teisedki.
Axel Enthoven-i disainitud Opera on justkui moodsa inimteo unistus.

via gadgettastic