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Peter Pearce

Peter Pearce

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Peter Pearce graduated in chemistry in 1962, and was awarded a MSc in polymer chemistry in 1974 from the University of Salford for research studies on anionically prepared flexible epoxy adhesives.

After spending 16 years at the Explosives Research and Development Establishment near London, U.K., and 3 years at the Joint Tropical Research Unit, North Queensland, he joined the Aeronautical and Maritime Research Laboratory (AMRL) in 1978.

At AMRL he is involved in research work on high performance resin systems used for critical applications in military material as both adhesives and the matrices of fibre-reinforced composites. An ongoing program into the chemical and physical properties of these advanced and often complex formulations is used to study the relationship between these properties and performance. Current interests are diverse and include characterisation and properties of limited shelf life adhesives and prepregs, toughening of high temperature epoxy and room temperature curing vinyl ester and phenolic resin systems, improved surface preparation techniques and novel mechanical test methods. Peter Pearce is also consulted by the Australian Defence Forces on problems specific to structural adhesive bonding and composite matrix resins.

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