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Kinokontor@TEMPT vol.111 presents - Microtopia

Kinokontor@TEMPT vol.111 presents - Microtopia

Urmet @ 02.09.2014 08:12 | Registreerunud: 17.04.2003

"As you simplify your life, the laws of the universe will be simpler; solitude will not be solitude, poverty will not be poverty, nor weakness weakness". -Henry David Thoreau

Filmi toimumiskoht: TEMPT (Vabriku tn 6)
Kuupäev: 04.09.14
Algusaeg: 19:00


Film: Microtopia

Aasta: 2013
Kestvus: 92 min 
Riik: Rootsi
Keeled: inglise


How would you feel about carrying your home in your pocket or having clothes to live in? For most of us, “house” means stability, structure, and permanence. In an age of increasing population and technological gains, today’s mobile society has resulted in a demand, or perhaps a dream, for portable dwellings and dwellings in new settings and situations.
Microtopia explores how architects, artists and ordinary problem-solvers are pushing the limits to find answers to their dreams of portability, flexibility – and of creating independence from “the grid”. Modern nomads, homeless people, people in stress, people in need of privacy or seclusion. We hear about the personal reasons behind the dwellings, and to see how they actually work. On the sidewalk, on rooftops, in industrial landscapes and in nature we will see and feel how these abodes meet the dreams set up by their creators. Microtopia deals with a contemporary urgent ideas that are addressed, and solved, in a very surprising way. wimeo





Mauri @ 02.09.2014 19:44 | Registreerunud: 23.05.2007

Peale filmi, 20.35 vaatame etv pealt vutti Eesti vs Sverige. Hiljem toimub sujuv edasiminek Von Krahli baari viimasele peole