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Kinokontor@TEMPT esitleb - Dirty Wars

Kinokontor@TEMPT esitleb - Dirty Wars

Urmet @ 29.11.2013 15:54 | Registreerunud: 17.04.2003

Demokraatia, löö esimesena!

Filmi toimumiskoht: TEMPT (Vabriku tn 6)
Kuupäev: 05.12.13
Algusaeg: 19:00


Film: Dirty Wars

Aasta: 2013
Kestvus: 87 min 
Riik: USA, Afganistaan, Iraak, Keenia, Somaalia, Jeemen
Keeled: suur segu erinevaid keeli (subtiitrid inglise keeles)


Dirty Wars follows investigative reporter Jeremy Scahill , author of the international bestseller Blackwater , into the heart of America’s covert wars, from Afghanistan to Yemen, Somalia and beyond. Part political thriller and part detective story, Dirty Wars is a gripping journey into one of the most important and underreported stories of our time. What begins as a report into a U.S. night raid gone terribly wrong in a remote corner of Afghanistan quickly turns into a global investigation of the secretive and powerful Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC). As Scahill digs deeper into the activities of JSOC, he is pulled into a world of covert operations unknown to the public and carried out across the globe by men who do not exist on paper and will never appear before Congress. In military jargon, JSOC teams “find, fix, and finish” their targets, who are selected through a secret process. No target is off limits for the “kill list,” including U.S. citizens.... (tekst filmi kodukalt)



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