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Trepp / Stair

Trepp / Stair

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Architects: Francesco Librizzi Studio, via Domus

Todd Saunders: Forest Stair

Urmet @ 13.06.2012 09:43 | Registreerunud: 17.04.2003

Canadian architect Todd Saunders has designed a stair in the middle of a remote Norwegian forest. It stands there alone, like a surrealist memory of a long lost ruin. 

Saunders moved to Norway in 1996 and set up his practice in Bergen. He has since then embraced the quality of nature in this part of the world with projects that interact beautifully with the different surroundings. He is internationally known for his award-winning architecture. 

When a Norwegian independent prime mover, Grethe Meyer Iversen, had the idea to transform a pathway in an oak forest south of the capital Oslo, in Stokke, to a sculpture park, she reached out to Todd Saunders. She was inspired by the Aurland Lookout, which Saunders designed withTommie Wilhelmsen in 2006. Here, an abrupt bridge leaps out from a cliff into the open air, giving an extraordinary view over the dramatic mountainous scenery. Meyer Iversen invited Saunders to create an architectural sculpture at the highest point of the path that would function as a final destination for the visitors. 

Meyer Iversen got the idea for the sculpture park after having trespassed the forest for many years while she was walking her children to school. The walks got her to appreciate the beauty of the forest, and Meyer Iversen started to ask herself how she could get other people to spent more time and see the small unique details in what was commonly perceived as a rather dull forest. It turned out that the trail Meyer Iversen had learned to love was covered with rhomb porphyry, which is known to exist in only three other rift areas in the world — in East Africa and Antarctica — besides Stokke. The forest on both sides of the trail also had the richest deposit of deciduous trees in Norway.


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