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Taiwan Kaohsiung Maritime Cultural and Popular Music Center

Taiwan Kaohsiung Maritime Cultural and Popular Music Center

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To create Kaohsiung as a maritime capital, Kaohsiung City Government sincerely invites architects from all over the world to participate in the international competition of Maritime Cultural & Popular Music Center. The objective of the project is to lead Kaohsiung City becoming the gate to maritime cultural nation, Taiwan!
The site is located at No.11~15 wharf of Port of Kaohsiung with approximately 11.89 hectares measure. The periphery of the site faces the Fishermen’s Wharf to the west, Xinguang Wharf to the south and is connected to the riverside facilities of Love River to the north. The site encompassing the adjoining belts of Love River and waters of Port of Kaohsiung will fully demonstrate its international characteristics. The center will comprise of a large exhibit & performance area, some small exhibit & performance areas, an outdoor exhibit & performance area, a pop music exhibit area, a maritime cultural exhibit center, a ferry terminal & passenger service center, a pop music industry center (incubation center), a music art & maritime technology commercial area, scenic landmark, and administration area.
Facility planning shall follow the essence of pop music and lay stress on commercial and entertainment functions. Aside from having the functions of pop music exhibition and performance, it should also possess the functions of close linkage with the industrial chain and talent cultivation for the pop music industry for the purpose of creating and shaping the blue ocean of aesthetics economy and pop industry of southern Taiwan.
With the international competition, we hope to highlight the development of land and port of Kaohsiung and integrate the local features of southern Taiwan in order to create a landmark masterpiece for the city, and introduce a new diversified lifestyle of maritime culture and pop music for Kaohsiung citizens. We cordially invite your participation!

1. Start
2. Obtaining the RFP 2010/03/09 ~ 2010/06/07
3. Deadline for Question Submission for RFP 2010/04/01
4. Questions Answered Date 2010/04/12
5. Stage One Material Submission Deadline 2010/06/07 (Before 17:30 Taiwan time)
6. Stage One Qualification Review 2010/06/08
7. Stage One Jury Session 2010/06/09 ~ 2010/06/10
8. Announcement of the Short-lists 2010/06/10
9. Site Visit for Short-lists (Stage Two) 2010/06/29
10. Stage Two Material Submission Deadline 2010/09/09 (before 17:30 Taiwan time)
11. Stage Two Qualification Review 2010/09/10
12. Stage Two Jury Session 2010/09/29 ~ 2010/09/30
13. Announcement of the Winners 2010/09/30

Total Construction Budget:
NT?4,395,000,000. (Approximately US?137,000,000)
Service Fee:
The service fee for this project is a fixed fee in the total amount of NT$ 416,000,000. (Approximately US$13,000,000)

Stage One:
No more than FIVE Shortlists shall be selected to enter into the Stage Two.
(The jury may choose not to select any or all prizewinner when it is necessary).
Stage Two:
?DOne First Prize will be awarded Planning, Design, and Supervision Rights of this project
?DOne Second Prize
?DOne Third Prize
?DTwo Honorable Mention
(The jury may choose not to select any or all prizewinner when it is necessary).
?DSecond Prize: NT$2,000,000
?DThird Prize: NT$1,700,000
?DHonorable Mention: NT$1,200,000 for each


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