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Frei Paul Otto

Frei Paul Otto

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Frei Paul Otto (31 May 1925) is a German architect and structural engineer.

Otto studied architecture in Berlin before being drafted into the Luftwaffe as a fighter pilot in the last years of World War II. It is said that he was interned in a French POW camp and, with his aviation engineering training and lack of material and an urgent need for housing, began experimenting with tents for shelter. After the war he studied briefly in the United States and visited Erich Mendelsohn, Mies van der Rohe, Richard Neutra, and Frank Lloyd Wright. He began private practice in Germany in 1952. His saddle-shaped cable-net music pavilion at the Bundesgartenschau (Federal Garden Exposition) in Kassel brought him his first significant attention. He earned a doctorate about tensioned constructions in 1954.

Leidsin ühe saksakeelse video Frei Otto tegemistest - keskendub põhiliselt Müncheni olümpiastaadionile:

Olen ise Müncheni olümpiakompleksi vaatamas käinud - jättis ikka väga sügava mulje. Ja mulle ei meenu ükski teine kaasaegse arhitektuuri objekt, mis oleks mündile vermitud.

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