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Merelaevandus / Shipping

Merelaevandus / Shipping

Taavi @ 18.02.2010 16:04 | Registreerunud: 01.04.2003

Infoks neile, kes veel ei tea:
- merel liikuvate kaubalevade kütuse CO2 jm. emissioonid ei ole reguleeritud (vähemalt Kyoto protokolliga, vbl. äsja lõppenud Kopenhageni konverents muutis olukorda)
- tegemist on suure saasteprobleemiga - väidetavalt on tegu kuni 2x suurema CO2 emissiooniga kui lennundus (e. ca 4% kogu tsivilisatsiooni CO2 emissioonist)
- ennustatav kasvutempo on ca 5% aastas

Carbon dioxide emissions from ships do not come under the Kyoto agreement or any proposed European legislation and few studies have been made of them, even though they are set to increase.

Aviation carbon dioxide emissions, estimated to be about 2% of the global total, have been at the forefront of the climate change debate because of the sharp increase in cheap flights, whereas shipping emissions have risen nearly as fast in the past 20 years but have been ignored by governments and environmental groups. Shipping is responsible for transporting 90% of world trade which has doubled in 25 years.

by Guardian

Osaliselt lahendab probleemi lohede kasutamine.

By attaching a computer controlled kite to cargo ships crossing the Atlantic, freighters can save up to $2,000 a day in fuel costs or 35% of their overall fuel consumption.

by Treehugger

Carbon-Neutral Sail-Powered Cargo Ships Scheduled to Return to European Waters in 2012

Taavi @ 13.12.2010 17:24 | Registreerunud: 01.04.2003

It's Not A Question of If Sail Returns, But When

Planned to go into production by 2012, the cargo ships will be sail powered, with the sails automatically adjusting to wind conditions and employing kite sails where appropriate. A biofuel-powered engine (which can also run on liquid natural gas) will provide 40% of the propulsion.

Sail Power Will Be Economical Because Our Economy Will Be Different Than Today's

via Treehugger

Taavi @ 14.12.2010 10:11 | Registreerunud: 01.04.2003

Brändis rõhutakse täna pigem veinile kui transpordile - CTMV (laevade disain ja ehitus) pressiteated lõpevad pm. 2008, aga Fair Wind Wine (vein) bisnes käib tänaseni täie auruga (õigem oleks vist öelda tuulega?).

World Ports Climate Initiative & ESI

Taavi @ 02.01.2011 13:55 | Registreerunud: 01.04.2003

Merelaevanduse võitlus CO2 ja energiakriisiga
World Ports Climate Initiative

Analoogselt hoonetele ja masinatele kohandatud energiamärgistele juurutatakse Laevade energiamärgise süsteemi e. Environmental Ship Index (ESI)

The Environmental Ship Index (ESI) measures a ship’s emissions based on the amount of nitrogen oxide (NOx), sulphur oxide (SOx), particulate matter (PM) and greenhouse gas it releases. ESI is used as a good indication of the environmental performance of ocean going vessels or ships.
Ports plan to reward ships when they comply or meet lower than current International Maritime Organization emission standards. Although this is a completely voluntary program, ports hope the incentives motivate the global port community to assume its role in improving the environment seriously.

Rose George: Inside the secret shipping industry

Taavi @ 12.01.2014 00:41 | Registreerunud: 01.04.2003

"The 15 largest ships pollute as much as all the cars in the world."

Seos Eestiga = põlevkivi ja VKG

VKG Oil ASi põhitoodete hulka kuuluvad 
madala viskoossuse ja alla –25 °C 
hangumistemperatuuriga punkriõlid, 
mida kasutatakse laevakütustes.