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"Grass: A Nation's Battle for Life" 1925

"Grass: A Nation's Battle for Life" 1925

Taavi @ 05.01.2010 16:34 | Registreerunud: 01.04.2003

"Grass: A Nation's Battle for Life" naelutas mu arvuti ette ja üllatas oma lihtsusega - kui filmitav on võimas, piisab sõnumi edastamiseks mustast, valgest ja sõnatust pildist.

Tahaks näha Bakhtiari hõimust 1976 aastal valminud filmi "People of the Wind", mis peaks siis näitama nende rännuteedteed vastupidises suunas.

The success of Grass and the documentary Chang (1927) propelled Merian Cooper to the top in Hollywood. King Kong (1933) soon followed. ;)

In western Iran the Bakhtiari tribe must make an annual 8-week, 200 mile trip to the mountain summer pastures. In this hazardous test of human endurance, we embark on an outstanding migration that takes a 500,000 men, women, and children, their livestock (one million animals) and all their possessions across the Zagros Mountains, a range which is as high as the Alps and as broad as Switzerland.

The tribesman relates the traditional rituals of life for the Bakhtiari, from how they tend their animals to their elaborate wedding feasts, and over the course of the film the tribe's unique mountain culture emerges. His story is as compelling, as it is amazing. It is difficult to believe that a people would so endure a journey of such hardship year after year. There is no road through the mountain, only trails or passages worn over time. It is, indeed, rough and rugged terrain over which to cross. The people climb, without roaps, these 15,000 foot peaks, herding along their livestock, in clothing and footwear that does not inure them to the ravages of frostbite and illness. You see young children herding animals on precipices that would give most people shivers. The movie takes you on a wonderful trip into the most savage, yet splendid scenery of inner Iran. The music only amplifies your joyous odyssey from numerous river crossings and mountainous trails.

by Darius Kadivar

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