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Ggantija Heritage Park - Malta (16.12.2009)

Ggantija Heritage Park - Malta (16.12.2009)

Urmet @ 06.11.2009 17:11 | Registreerunud: 17.04.2003

The purpose of the Contest is to generate:
· A Masterplan of the gantija Heritage Park and the immediate surroundings with respect to vehicular
and visitor circulation, within and around the Park
· Design the Interpretation Centre
· Propose a pathway, including the surrounding landscaping scheme, linking the Interpretation Centre to
the Ggantija Temples to the ‘Exit Point’
· Design the ‘Exit Point’
All design proposals must give foremost importance to the respect and the safeguarding of the Outstanding
Universal Value of the gantija Temples and their setting, as well as the impact on the surrounding urban

Site (familiarisation) visit 30.10.2009
Site visit/ Clarification Meeting* 13.11.2009
Deadline for submitting questions 27.11.2009
Deadline for sending written answers 09.12.2009
Deadline for reception of entries at Contest Secretariat 16.12.2009
Meeting of the Jury 17 to 19.12.09
Announcement of Contest results 19.12.09

The winner shall be awarded a service contract:
HM.20.09 - Architectural Services for ‘Enhancing the visitor experience in the Ggantija Heritage Park (World Heritage Site) GOZO’
The value of the above contract is €100,000 (excluding VAT). The relevant (Draft) Contract, including the Special Conditions, Terms of Reference, etc., is attached to this document. All the specific or special terms and conditions included in the ‘(Draft) Contract’ must be adhered to by the Contestant and/or winner. The Contestant is responsible for any and all taxes payable as a result of the awarded contract for services. A number of honourable mentions shall also be chosen, at the discretion of the Jury.