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Maailma kõige kiiremini kasvavad linnad

Maailma kõige kiiremini kasvavad linnad

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Kuna kodune kinnisvaraturg ei tõota miskit head joonestajate armeele siis pop oleks planeerida uusi resideerimisi väljamaale et sealseid ehitustandreid ära kasutada.

Väike ülevaade siis linnadest kuhu tasuks kolida. Täispikk artikkel veebiajalehes

Et vältida kogu pika jada läbi lugemist tooksin ära tippkolme:

1. Beihai, China
The world's fastest growing city is Beihai in the Guangxi region of China. This harbour was once a stop on the Silk Route, but the city is now proabably best known for the 24km Silver Beach. Its geographical location, with Vietnam, Hong Kong and Macao close by, has aided its economic development and tourism in the city has also grown.
Average population growth 2006 - 2020: 10.58%

2. Ghaziabad, India
Ghaziabad is a booming industrial city helped by its close proximity to Delhi, 19km to the west. Construction work from malls to multiplexes is a constant feature and a metro system is planned for 2010. Traces of ancient cilvillisations dating back to 2500 BC have been found in the city.
Average population growth 2006 - 2020: 5.20%

3. Sana'a, Yemen
Sana'a is the third fastest growing city in the world and also a UNESCO World Heritage site on account of the multi-story architecture in its old town. The city is ancient, having been inhabited for more than 2,500 years, and has a rich religious heritage with 103 mosques and over 6,000 houses built before the 11th century. It began to prosper in the Seventies thanks to the oil industry in neighbouring Saudi Arabia.
Average population growth 2006 - 2020: 5%