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Antón García Abril & Ensamble studio

Antón García Abril & Ensamble studio

Taavi @ 16.10.2009 15:43 | Registreerunud: 01.04.2003

Üks viimase aja ägedamaid arhitektuurisedöövreid.

Meenus üks hea vanakooli lugu:
"Mina olen, mina olen pioneer..." / V. Reiman ; sõn.: M. Veetamm e. lastelaul ühest vahvast pioneerist, kelle unistus on minna tehnikumi õppima ja saada inseneriks, kes tunnistab vaid üht materjali - RAUDBETOON. I le paneb punkti see, et suureks saades tahab laulev nooruk ehitada "meie linna lastele, 17 etaazhise, raudbetoonist Pinoeeridepalee, Harjumäe nõlvale, Toompea lossi kõrvale".

Respect :)))

For the Greek, Hemeroscopium is the place where the sun sets. An allusion to a place that exists only in our mind, in our senses, that is ever-changing and mutable, but is nonetheless real. It is delimited by the references of the horizon, by the physical limits, defined by light, and it happens in time.

Hemeroscopium house traps, a domestic space, and a distant horizon. And it does so playing a game with structures placed in an apparently unstable balance, that enclose the living spaces allowing the vision to escape. With heavy structures and big actions, disposed in a way to provoke gravity to move the space. And this way it defines the place.

via Archinect

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