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SPAR Bag Design Contest - 27.juuli 2009

SPAR Bag Design Contest - 27.juuli 2009

Urmet @ 03.07.2009 11:44 | Registreerunud: 17.04.2003

The aim of the SPAR Bag Design Contest is to leverage highly-creative designs for shopping bag imprints. There are no limits to your creativity! Show your skills in interpreting the topic of the contest in the most stunning manner. Seize the chance to have your own design printed on no less than one million shopping bags that will be omnipresent all over Austria!

The contest ends the 27th of July 2009.The winners in all three categories will be announced in the beginning of August 2009.

During the contest all users who join the contest community can vote for their favorite designs and comment on them. The best designs will be selected by a jury and awarded prizes totaling € 3500.
Additionally, the three most-successful designs within the community as well as the three most active community members receive non-cash prizes amounting to €1600 all in all.


Urmet @ 29.07.2009 17:08 | Registreerunud: 17.04.2003

Täna meenus, et kilekott jäi tegemata!
Siis läksin nende kodulehele ja avastasin, et lõpptähtag nüüd on 31.juuli ehk siis reedeni saaks veel kavandeid esitada.
Laksige täiega, parim mees saab eurosid.