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Pritzker Prize

Pritzker Prize

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The most prestigious award for architecture, the Pritzker Prize, has been awarded to the Swiss architect Peter Zumthor. The prize, worth $100,000, is given for a body of work across a career, and is mainly valued for the prestige and commissions it can bring.
Zumthor's works are found mainly in his native Switzerland, as well as elsewhere in Europe and the US.
His most famous commission is the thermal baths in Vals, Switzerland.

Peter Zumthor is about as far as its possible to be from the star names who have recently dominated architecture.
He has worked in his native Switzerland for the past 30 years and has become known for quietly elegant museums, housing complexes and hotels with a fondness for using natural materials and a great interest in the the interior spaces he creates.
The thermal baths at Vals are Zumthor's best-known work
If you think of the big name star architects shouting "look at me", then Zumthor whispers...


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